Quality control

Our quality control and operating procedures are structured to guarantee the highest and most consistent level of quality.



Sourcing of high-quality green coffee. Check it out here.


Testing green coffee

Moisture Analysis: This process scientifically measures the percentage of moisture for green and roasted beans and ground coffee. Raw Coffee beans with moisture that is above 13% or below 9% will not maintain quality and that coffee shipment will be rejected right away

Cleaning of green coffee

Our plant utilises a three-stage green coffee cleaning process to further enhance the quality of the product.



Automated roasting profiles using an advanced algorithm. Every time we roast your coffee the outcome will be the same using a continuous loop control process in the BR1200 Roaster.


Colour and moisture analysis of roasted coffee. 

Roast Analysis: This process using the advanced Agtron refractometer scientifically measures the degree of roast. This test makes it possible to evaluate and subsequently control both the degree and uniformity of roast. We keep our blends within a tight roast range of 2 Agtron points which is impossible to do with the human eye which can only perceive a difference at 8 to 10 Agtron points.  This ensures product consistency from cup to cup.

Roast to order - weekly.

Your coffee is roasted weekly to order - always fresh and ready for that perfect cup of coffee.



Smart Packaging solutions with one-way air valves.


Packing within 24 hours of roasting allowing 70% of the degassing process to occur in the silos whilst the remaining 30% of the degassing will occur in the coffee bag. Keeping the coffee as fresh and consistent as possible.


In the Cup - the real test
Cupping Test: 
  • This is the most discerning way to evaluate coffee. Seven grams of ground coffee at a predetermined grind is put into a ceramic cup. boiling water. is poured over the grounds and allowed to steep for five minutes. After which, the sample is evaluated for clarity, acidity, body, flavour notes and how well it maintains flavour as it cools down. This is a test with all variables controlled and no filters to alter the true cup profile. This brings to light all the flavour notes present in the coffee whether they are good or bad.


Brew Test: 
  • We brew the coffee through different types of brewing and grinding equipment at different parameters to replicate how our customers would use the product once it leaves our facility.


Blind Test: 
  • We administer blind tasting tests in-house to ensure flavour profiles and consistency of the product. Once the coffee has passed this strict Quality Control Regime it is then ready to be shipped to our customers.


  • Our training staff will also visit your establishment to guarantee the highest level of coffee is being served to your customers.