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Private label coffee and contract coffee roasting


FAQ's: Welcome
  • How much does it cost to have my own brand and blend?
    You would be surprised how competitive your own blend and brand can be. We have over 100 cafes, restaurants, and hotels that we roast weekly for - talk to us about what you need and the price point you want and we are confident we can develop a solution for you.
  • Do I need a contract with Ublend?
    No - Most of our customers have no contract or commitment with us. We just roast great coffee for them and they keep coming back.
  • How do you ensure the best quality product at a competitive price?
    Our business model is lean and flexible. Our tailor-made solutions mean you only pay for what you need. We focus on your brand and your business rather than applying our brand costs and overheads to you.
  • How easy is the Ublend process ?
    It's simple to create your own, one-of-a-kind blend of world-class coffee with the unique UBLEND process. We guide you through the key steps of creating a custom coffee. All you have to do is tell us what you like. The process can take as little as 2 weeks if you would like a simple logo printed on your bag.
  • Do you offer equipment on loan?
    Yes, we do - just contact us and we can discuss options with you. We also offer equipment financing if you would like to own the equipment at the end of the contract.
  • When I place an order, how long will it take to receive my order and how fresh will the coffee be?
    Once you place an order it will be scheduled for production. Normally production takes between 5 to 7 days. You will receive the order the day after it is roasted and packed. We recommend not to use the coffee for at least 7 to 10 days after your receive it. Many cafes ask us to stores the coffee for 7 to 10 days before we ship the coffee to them.
  • Do you offer samples?
    For Cafes and restaurants - yes we do. For other customers we offer paid samples which we credit back to you with your first order.
  • Will anyone know that you create our coffee?
    Completely up to you. Many customers like having the origin of their coffee known and others want us to keep it confidential.
  • How long has Ublend been operating?
    Ublend is a service offered by Kaffeina Group Pty Ltd and has been operating since 2013. ​ Since that time we have roasted unique blends for over 100 cafes. Delivering fresh coffee weekly roasted to their unique specifications. We continuously upgrade our roasting plant and packaging infrastructure to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Does Ublend roast the coffee in house ?
    Ublend is a service offered by the Kaffeina Group Pty Ltd. The Kaffeina Group owns and operates a custom-built coffee roasting facility in Melbourne designed to provide large-scale, flexible roasting services with unrivalled quality.
  • Can I visit the roastery?
    Yes, you sure can - we actually encourage our customers to come in. You can even come in and see us roast and pack your coffee. ​ We also offer roasting training to all our customers.
  • How does the branding process work?
    Depending upon the level of branding you are after, it can be as simple as your logo on a coffee bag to fully customised coffee bags. It’s up to you. Our creative designers and packaging experts can help every step of the way.
  • Can I have my logo printed on the bag?
    Yes, this is a standard service that we offer all Ublend customers.
  • Can I have 250 gram retail packs?
    Absolutely - many of our cafe customers have 250 gram retail packs that sell very well.
  • Can you design bags for me?
    Yes, we can - we have a network of designers that we use to develop packaging for customers.
  • What packaging do you use?
    We have a variety of packing options. Most cafe and hotel customers are delivered in 1KG bags with a one-way air valve. We also deliver in 250 gram retail packs and 250 gram retail tins.
  • Do you have compostable packaging?
    Yes, we offer most packaging types. The majority of our customers utilise recyclable bags at this stage. Compostable bags still have some limitations. We would be happy to discuss all the options with you. ​ In cases where compostable products deliver the same quality and performance as other materials, we focus on using these products. This is the case with our coffee capsules
  • Can I have my own capsules?
    Absolutely - we currently roast and pack for many cafes. We pack as little as 5KG of coffee into compostable coffee capsules.
  • I want to start an online coffee business, can you help?
    Come talk to us - starting an online business can be quite challenging. You will need quite a few different products and premium packaging. You will also need a strong value proposition - roasting multiple products in small volumes weekly to maintain freshness is the key. The cost of entry and marketing can be quite high. ​ You will also need a commercial grinder and a commercial sealing machine to seal coffee bags.
  • What is the roast level of your coffees?
    We roast all levels of coffee from light to dark. It really depends on what you need for your coffee and your customers. We will work with you to cup the coffee and deliver the perfect taste you need.
  • Can I bring my beans to you to roast?
    Sorry - we have to control the quality and all aspects of the process. If you want a bean we don't have just ask and we can source it for you.
  • Do you offer filter single origin coffees?
    Yes, we do - we have a large range of singles that we rotate monthly.
  • What green beans do you have in stock?
    We carry over 20 different types of green coffee beans regularly. ​ Most of our customers have blends of between 3 and 6 different types of green coffee. ​ We also run small-batch specialty coffee.
  • Do you have fair trade coffee ?
    We have a variety of fair trade coffees in stock. These coffees can be up to 30% higher in costs than normally traded coffee.
  • Do you have organic coffees?
    We have a range of organic coffees in stock.please be aware the range is limited and costs can be up to 30% higher than normally traded beans.
  • Do you offer training to my staff if I am a cafe or restaurant ?
    Yes we do. Either on site or at your premises. This is included free of charge when you are purchasing coffee from Ublend.
  • Do you deliver outside Australia ?
    Yes we do! Shipping charges and lead time changes according to the country.
  • Are you Kosher certified?
    Yes, we have full Kosher certification.
  • Do you do infused coffees or flavoured coffee ?
    Sorry but not something we can help you with. Infused coffees are very low volume for production and then we have to clean the production lines after use which takes quite a bit of time and effort.
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