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Private label coffee and contract coffee roasting

Contract roasting

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Contract Roasting

Flexible coffee solutions exclusively tailored to your specifications


Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants
Build your own distinctive taste and brand

A Ublend custom blend and packaging program gives you the strong advantage of furthering your brand within your market.


We will guide you through the process of developing your blend, packaging and position in the market. We make it simple....


Whether you are a new or established cafe, wholesaler or an online coffee merchant, we will work with you to build a private label program that will allow you to supply premium coffee at a very affordable cost base.


Think it is too hard? Think you are too small?


Don't worry we specialise in taking private label to the cafe'.  Join the growing number of Melbourne and Australian restaurants and coffee shops that are part of the Ublend family.


Contract Roasting

We provide full-service contract roasting and private label services to our customers who prefer to ship coffee products under their own labels and brand names.


Our state of the art roasting and packaging facilities and our professional team allow our customers to offer premium coffee products without capital investment in expensive equipment or spend time developing the expertise needed to roast and package your own coffee brands.

We have a capacity of roasting 30,000 kilos or 2.7 million cups of coffee a week. 



‘Melbourne-style’ cafes around the world. Australia’s coffee cred has spread beyond our borders.


You can now find urban Australia inspired coffee shops around the world.


Forget about the Italian-style espresso bar, or the American coffee lounge. It’s all about the Melbourne-style café.


With the Kaffeina Group and the Ublend process, it is all about your coffee and your brand.......


With existing export contracts in China and Vietnam, we have developed the expertise of taking the Ublend concept off shore.


Let us show you how you can develop your own Melbourne style coffee, with your own brand for your market.


The Art and Science of Coffee Roasting

Roasting coffee!  Is it art or science?  Some say both, but a basic understanding of the science of roasting is critical if one is to make an art of it.

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