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Bean development - Before first crack

Many changes occur during bean development and many mistakes too. Bean development is the crucial time where the flavour and aromas are created during roasting.

Each chemical change and how it is managed will contribute to the flavour profile. How and for how long the beans are in going through particular reactions will affect the flavour, and it should, therefore, be considered as integral to the development of a bean.

Development determines the flavours we want to highlight, but it is important to note that all stages of the roast are important to achieve that.

The Maillard reaction described simply as the reduction of sugars and amino acids, which is responsible for a lot of aromas in roasted coffee. After the first crack, the chemical reactions (caramelisation and Maillard Reaction) manifest the aromas we develop in the earlier roasting process. The stages prior to the first crack are, therefore, critical to bean development and the final outcome for the bean.

Coffee can develop a myriad of profiles depending on how it’s roasted.

At Ublend we specialise in maximising the development of the bean for each coffee that we roast.

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