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Green bean moisture content

Green bean moisture content in specialty coffee usually varies from 10–12%, although the International Coffee Organization accepts a broader range, between 8–12.5%.

Our coffees fall in the specialty range of 10–12%,

Low moisture content in a green coffee (under 10%) can result in a reduction of cup quality, while high moisture content (over 12%) puts the coffee at risk of mould and greater bean weight loss after roasting.

During the roasting process, coffee beans will lose the majority of their moisture, and the weight of the coffee beans will drop because of this. It’s not uncommon for a batch of coffee to lose around 20% of its weight during a roast due to the reduction in moisture.

When green coffee arrives at our roastery, we weigh and have its moisture content measured. If moisture exceeds the agreed range from the contract, we reject the coffee thus guaranteeing the quality and taste in the cup.

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